Warren Gaebel, 2006

Retinal Scan, 2013

age 13



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The Foundations of My Faith

I believe reality is divided into two intertwined parts: the physical realm and the spiritual realm. The physical realm consists of all we can see, smell, touch, hear, and feel. The spiritual realm consists of all we cannot see, smell, touch, hear, or feel (referring to tactile "feeling" as opposed to emotional "feeling").

This belief seems to be almost universally accepted. Almost every religion believes there is both a spiritual realm and a physical realm, although some may call them by different names. Many atheists and agnostics also agree. However, my belief is not (and indeed should not be) based on the popularity of the proposition.

The laws of physics, chemistry, and other sciences apply to the physical realm. Energy and matter therefore do not exist in the spiritual realm.

The two realms are intertwined. What happens in one realm can affect the other. Example #1: Discouragement (a spiritual realm concept) can affect health (a physical world concept). Example #2: Poor health (a physical world concept) can trigger discouragement (a spiritual realm concept).

I believe beings exist in both realms. Humans inhabit the physical realm and spirits inhabit the spiritual realm.

Different belief systems have different names for the beings that inhabit the spiritual realm: spirits, gods, disembodied souls, ghosts, angels, demons, devils, elementals, nature spirits, etc.

Beings of both realms can communicate with beings of the other realm, but they may not be aware of having this ability. Unaware beings especially, but also aware beings, may not realize that an incoming communication is from a being in the alternate realm. When this happens, they will come up with all sorts of strange explanations.

Beings of both realms can temporarily cross over into the other realm, but this is unusual. The mechanism for such crossing over remains open to speculation.

I do not believe there are multiple physical realms nor multiple spiritual realms, but only because I have not seen any convincing evidence or heard overwhelming arguments for their existence. Unlike most of my beliefs, I do not cling stubbornly to this one. However, if I am proven wrong on this point, my other beliefs may require some readjustment, but they would not be invalidated.

I believe one being, whom I shall call God (with an uppercase G), created the physical realm, the spiritual realm, and all the beings and things contained therein.

Before He created the two realms, God (obviously) existed outside of those realms. Today, as Creator, He still exists outside of those realms, but can also co-exist within them. This provides God with three possible manifestations, which Christians refer to as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I believe God has intellect (intelligence), will (the power to make decisions), and emotion (the ability to feel both pleasant and unpleasant emotions).

I refer to God as He not because I wish to impose gender on Him, but rather because It would imply non-sentience and would deny Him personhood. I choose not to refer to Him as She only because the vast majority of believers do not refer to Him this way.

God's intelligence is demonstrated by the complexity of the physical realm and everything in it. To suggest that these things came into existence by chance is foolishness.

God's decision-making power is demonstrated by His decision to create the physical and spiritual realms.

God's emotion ...